Critical Praise for The Blessings of the Animals

“…an entertaining novel about forgiveness and the four-footed….”
The Washington Post (12/14/10)
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“…an unpretentious, well-written, emotionally authentic story….”
The Boston Globe (8/7/10)
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“…Kittle wades through heartache and tragedy yet manages to find elegance and charm in her latest novel. ….a long-view of the nature of marriage and relationships.”
Publisher’s Weekly
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“With subtle yet shimmering insight, Kittle explores the resilience of human nature and the indelible role animals play in healing shattered emotions.”
Booklist (7/1/10)
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“Animal lovers be warned: you will not be able to put this one down.”
Naples Daily News (8/16/10)
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“There’s something about a woman rising from the ashes of her life that gets a reader’s attention. Throw in a bunch of crazy animals and a crazier family and readers can become fans for life.”
Grand Rapids Press (8/9/10)
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“Grab this book for your next Book Club selection, or read it for yourself, girlfriends.  The characters, barnyard or farmhouse, are as real and multi-faceted as you or I.  You won’t be disappointed.”
GirlfriendBooks.com (1/1/11)

“Kittle presses her characters to find out what love asks as much as what it gives, and what we might discover about ourselves and those we love when we strike that spark of courage that sends us running out from the security of solitude into the arms of the storm.”
Great Books for Horse Lovers (12/29/10)

“Kittle’s prose is seamless. The pages of this novel almost turn themselves.”
Caribou’s Mom (9/30/10)

“…a sincere storyteller—you will find humor along with some sadness and be left with a hearty whiff of optimism.”
Bedside Table Books (9/28/10)

“I had a hard time putting this book down, but forced myself to read slowly and savor every page. I didn’t want it to end—and by the time it did, I felt like I knew all the characters as if they had been lifelong friends.”
The Conscious Cat (8/27/10)

Books & Things (8/26/10)

“Spunky and full of emotional nuggets of wisdom. This is a book that left me immensely satisfied, both as a reader and as a human being that loves her people and animals.”
The Little Reader (8/23/10)

“I loved Kittle’s last book, The Kindness of Strangers, and adored this one.”
Pop Goes Fiction (8/23/10)

“What a joy it is to find a book that you can’t wait to pick back up! Kittle’s deft portrayal of this common situation and her insight into how life can start over will strike a chord in readers.”
Booksie’s Blog (8/19/10)

“I think I’ve read everything Katrina Kittle has ever written, and I’ve literally fallen in love with every bit of it.”
Jenn’s Bookshelves (8/18/10)

“I can’t remember the last time I wanted to prolong a book as much as I did this one—a novel that had me hoping for rain and an empty afternoon.”
Book Club Classics! (8/12/10)

“…thought provoking and compulsively readable.”
Raging Bibilomania (8/10/10)

“…like a delicious meal that fills your senses and you want to savor every bite. …will resonate with readers who can relate to a woman’s struggle to be whole again.”
Chick With Books (8/5/10)

“…a beautiful, moving story of love, loss, forgiveness, and learning to move on.”
Rundpinne (8/4/10)

Reviews from the Heart (8/3/10)

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