Traveling Light

Three years after the accident that ended her career as a ballerina, Summer Zwolenick is back in the familiar suburbs of Dayton, Ohio, teaching at a local high school. But it wasn’t nostalgia that called Summer home. It was her need to spend quality time with her brother, Todd, and his devoted partner, Jacob. Todd, the golden athlete whose strength and spirit encouraged Summer to nurture her own unique talents and follow her dream, is in the final stages of AIDS. In a few short months, he will be dead—leaving Summer only a handful of precious days to learn all the lessons her brother still has to teach her . . . from how to love and how to live to how to let go.

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“Wonderfully moving…Hard to put down, and harder still to forget.”
—Booklist (starred review)

More praise for Traveling Light.

  • FROM THE BOOK: “‘Travel light and you can sing in the robber’s face.’
    Travel light. My father had told us that was the secret to life. I hadn’t understood it. At one time I thought he said it to mock me as I piled our horse trailer high with my belongings to move to New York. And I hadn’t always realized who the robber was. I did now.”



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