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“Whenever I teach, I think, ‘what from this class will students remember in ten years?’ Without a doubt, it will be Katrina’s visit to talk about The Kindness with Strangers, and the accompanying service learning project through CARE House. Her book is one to open minds and change lives.”
Dr. Sarah Twill, Social Work
“Mental Health and Contemporary Fiction” class
Wright State University
Dayton, OH

“This workshop has confirmed for me that I am a writer, that I cannot not write–and I needed that confirmation…which is also an affirmation.”
—Leah DeAloia, after the Word’s Worth class: Jumpstart Your Fiction

“I love Katrina’s teaching style and her warmth and enthusiasm. She’s very supportive and encouraging.”
—Linda Marshall
Word’s Worth Writing Connections
Dayton, OH

“Katrina is so engaged with each of us. She’s so delightful and gives tons of resources to aid us outside of class.”
—Wendy McGohan
Word’s Worth Writing Connections
Dayton, OH

“Katrina is one of the best writing teachers I’ve ever had. She knows her craft and how to present it effectively.”
—Linda Ginter-Brown
Word’s Worth Writing Connections
Dayton, OH

“One of the best author visits I have ever seen:  Katrina Kittle kept our students riveted with her lively and humorous anecdotes about breaking into publishing.  She deftly answered their questions and offered warm encouragement to our student writers, while reinforcing the message that there’s no substitute for hard work and passionate engagement.
Sue Swartzlander, Professor of English
Frederick Meijer Honors College
Grand Valley State University
Allendale, MI

Katrina’s genuine passion for others to follow their dream is universally inspiring. She motivates her audience to take small steps persistently until their goals are achieved. She encourages us to honor the process of learning the craft and not to be in a hurry. She has a humble spirit and is a natural story teller when presenting before an audience and in her written work. Regardless of age and creative fire, everyone will walk away from her program with greater confidence to experience the new, to leap, and to triumph.
—Lori Shutrump, Community Liaison
Mount Pleasant Retirement Village, Monroe, OH

“Katrina’s visit with the mothers and daughters brought her book Reasons to Be Happy to life. Ms. Kittle addressed the peer issues facing young girls today with frankness and compassion. Katrina Kittle also shared her love of writing and was an inspiration to the aspiring young writers in our midst. She commended them on their insightful questions and answered honestly.  She is and always will be a teacher first. Her writing is a gift as is she.
Alice Beresford
Youth Services Librarian, Mason Public Library, Mason, OH

“When Katrina Kittle delivered the Mountcastle Lecture…what followed was an authentically provocative talk, one that truly held the audience’s attention because she consistently conveyed that she was speaking not at nor even to the group but actually with them.  One boy, just after the lecture, rushed up to say how much he appreciated a guest who did not ‘talk down to us and still challenged us with ideas we could understand.  We were inspired.’
Dan Christian, English Teacher
Gilman School
Baltimore, Maryland

“Katrina Kittle is not only a gifted and creative writer, she is an excellent public speaker and engaging storyteller.  She exudes kindness, compassion, intellect, and deep wisdom in her spirit.  She knows what it means to be human.  I have had the privilege of working with her on two occasions as we crafted worship services for my church around the theme of two of her books:  Traveling Light (AIDS/HIV on World AIDS Day) and The Kindness of Strangers (Sexual Abuse).  Both services were moving and powerful!  I can’t wait to have her back.”
—Rev. Dr. Michael D. Castle, Pastor
Cross Creek Community Church, United Church of Christ
Dayton, OH

“Katrina’s visit to our classroom was phenomenal. Students were delighted to get a chance to talk to her about the book, the characters, how she weaves a story together, and her writing process. The Kindness of Strangers has been a class favorite every year!”
Dr. Erin Flanagan, English
“Mental Health and Contemporary Fiction” class
Wright State University
Dayton, OH

“We were fortunate to have Katrina Kittle as Guest Author for the Bluffton English Festival, April 7, 2007. This annual event involves 50 – 80 visiting high school students as well as Bluffton undergraduates, faculty members, and the wider community. Kittle brought her consummate skills as a writer and teacher to all of us, especially students who want to write and to understand people better. She read from her work, taught a session in creative writing, and gave an inspiring talk on the writing life.”
Dr. Susan Carpenter, Professor of English
Bluffton University
Bluffton, Ohio

“The Dayton, Ohio chapter of PFLAG had the opportunity to hear Ms. Kittle discuss her books at our scholarship banquet. Engaging and entertaining, Ms. Kittle is a strong voice by a straight ally for the LGBT community.”
Jan Couchman, President
Dayton, OH PFLAG

“Besides being a superb writer, Katrina Kittle demonstrated during her visit that she is an excellent teacher as well.  She conveyed this strength simply by honoring and respecting the questions of students for close to three hours the morning after her lecture.  Most of these students were 9th graders who were not required to attend the lecture the previous night but had read her powerful novel, Traveling Light.  This story deals with issues the boys must confront in their lives if they are going to begin to genuinely ‘wake up,’ but the mature nature of these matters could have numbed the boys into an awkward silence.  No such silence materialized because Katrina’s candor created an atmosphere of safety and trust, freeing the boys to find the courage needed to put their questions ‘out there.’  If any parents  could have been fortunate enough to have listened in, they most likely would have breathed easily, confident that their children were in very good hands.
As a writer, Katrina Kittle, like folk musician and humanitarian, Harry Chapin, is a quintessential “citizen artist.”  Her work reveals a vitality that challenges each reader to not only see herself more clearly but insists that she pay close attention to the lives around her.  Thus, her fiction is not only good, it is good for us.”
Dan Christian, English Teacher
Gilman School
Baltimore, MD

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