I am settled snugly into my new home with my groovy new writing office. I’m working away every morning on a new revision of a novel…and I’m looking toward November, which is known as National Novel Writing Month (or the fun abbreviation NaNoWriMo). It can be so useful to lay down a draft fast. My mantra is: “You can make it better later, first you have to make it exist.” NaNo is all about making it exist. I have several upcoming courses that will help you prepare to make a novel exist with as few detours as possible. If you’re in the Dayton-Cincinnati area, please join me for my three Word’s Worth courses: NaNo Get Up & Go, NaNo Pit Stop: Halfway There, and NaNo Pit Stop: The Finish Line. You can register for one or two, but there’s a discount if you take all three. We meet in a cozy coffee shop and there’s always plenty of chocolate. Or, if you’re far away or dealing with a tight schedule, I have online OnLiten classes to help you “Make it Exist,” as well as several other courses, including a post-NaNo Revision Class. You can interact with me live or watch the class recording at any ol’ time that’s convenient for you. And if you’re not a writer, but a reader, then take advantage of this wonderful seasons, with its scuttling leaves and dramatic moon, to read something eerie, spooky, and mysterious. I hope the right book makes you keep the lights on. :-)

The Blessings of the Animals
Two Truths and a Lie
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