HAPPY HOLIDAYS to you all–I hope everyone is embracing all the festivity and goodness of the season. My tree is decorated and awaiting Joey Cat’s hijinks (he’s an ornament thief! He removes ornaments and relocates them to locations he apparently prefers–such as my shoes, the sink, his food bowl. He has never broken one yet, and this little game has become one of my favorite holiday traditions). If you’re holiday shopping, don’t forget that books make wonderful gifts. I’ve been personalizing books galore for wonderful folks buying them as gifts–which always feels like a gift to meĀ and means so much. If you ever wish to get autographed copies of any of my five novels and you’re not local to meet up with me in person, Saturn Booksellers is your place! They ship anywhere! If you’re lucky enough to have an independent bookstore in your hometown, please please please support it!

Another gift idea for yourself or the writer in your life is writing classes! Check out my Events Page for upcoming winter classes. Gift certificates are available!

The Blessings of the Animals
Two Truths and a Lie
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