August 26, 2015: Ahh…summer. Although, today feels more like autumn! I love summer. I love the sounds of cicadas and all the amazing smells. As a matter of fact, here’s a Summer Love Note I wrote for a friend’s amazing blog (it includes my favorite summer recipe). I’ve enjoyed a short break from teaching, but Word’s Worth fall classes start in two weeks! Been writing and want to delve into deeper characterization? Want to be writing and need inspiration, motivation, and guidance? Can’t commit to a 5 week series and want a one-night boost? Like chocolate? Well, check out our options! We have something for you! Looking ahead to fall, I’ll be co-leading the Antioch Writers’ Workshop Fall Retreat along with amazing author Martha Moody. Check it out and consider joining us. In the meantime, savor these final weeks of summer–make homemade ice cream, have cookouts, walk barefoot, and read a good book in a hammock!

The Blessings of the Animals
Two Truths and a Lie
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