February 21, 2017:
I’m sitting here with a homemade mocha and a purring cat, about to settle in to a writing marathon. Coffee makes me happy. So does chocolate. So does my cat, and of course writing. What makes you happy? If you want to explore that question, practice finding happiness, and hang on to positive energy while negativity swirls around you, then come check out my Happy Class–it’s all about practicing happiness and chasing joy. It’s not about being in denial or sticking your head in the sand–but it is about not depriving yourself of joy no matter what is happening around you. (This is not a writing class, but a “life” class). Click on the link for a full description–just two hours to commit to yourself and your own self care. I hope you’re using this cocooning weather to snuggle up and read wonderful books! I just finished reading Julie Buxbaum’s amazing YA novel TELL ME THREE THINGS. Loved it and highly recommend it!

The Blessings of the Animals
Two Truths and a Lie
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