July 5, 2020

We are now halfway through this strange, challenging year. I sincerely hope 2020 improves and leads to great change–our culture needs some change. I hope you’re all doing all right and staying healthy and safe. The Covid-19 cases are rising and rising here in the Dayton area. Wear your masks! Please! Help me protect my awesome, sweet father, and friends I have going through cancer treatment.

I stand in solidarity with the Black community–my friends, family, and readers of color–against systemic racism and injustice. And I’m committed not just to posting that, but to doing something. Black lives matter. Be safe, all.

People have been bugging me for ages to offer my classes online…it only took a pandemic to get me to do it! I’m having a blast and love meeting participants from all over–so far people have joined in from 16 different states and from Canada! Taking a few weeks off before resuming with some July classes. Stay tuned…

My garden is keeping me busy and sane. I call it dirt therapy! Alas…my garden cuts into my other productivity bigtime…I rationalize it by telling myself it’s seasonal and temporary. 🙂

The talented Nancy Jones has written a profile of me in her blog Crafting a Career–my path has certainly not been straight, but it’s worked out just fine. And the lovely Christina Consolino also interviewed me

The Blessings of the Animals
Two Truths and a Lie
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